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Material Handling Lifting Devises

Since 1967 we have been stocking distributors for many of our nations leading bridge repair material handling lifters. A few of the well know manufacturers are:
Columbus McKinnon, Gunnebo Johnson, Coopertools, Campbell Chain.
We also supply through custom to order Made In America blacksmith alloy and forging companies, whose quality of materials have stood the test of time.  These lifting and bridge hoisting Devices are designed for ease of use and safety in quality material workmanship.  An example of our niche in the material handling industry are the hard to find the full line of Johnson Swivels wedges and head ache balls used on bridge crane lifting applications or the custom made to order hoisting alloy S hooks.  Your choice of domestic and non domestic product line gives you pricing options for small and large purchase orders.  Gunnebo's new line of grade 100 lifting hooks and chain combine greater lifting and hoisting capacities than the traditional grade 80.    Working Swivels, Clevis Sling Chain hooks and Clevis Grab hooks are standards for bridge structural steel repair and upgrades, harbor ship marine, oil field, contractors, ranchers and light and heavy industrial use.  Trucking companies can benefit from our full line of flatbed and trailer weld on hooks and wenches.
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Minimum Order U.S.A. and Canada: $135 (US)
Minimum Order International: $250 (US)
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